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Access to My TV channels requires one of the following STRONG models:


High Definition, DVB-S2X, HEVC, CDCAS Cardless SRT 497S Digital Satellite Receiver/Recorder (recommended)
High Definition, DVB-S2, MPEG-4, CONAX (paired) SRT 4915 Digital Satellite & Terrestrial Receiver/Recorder
High Definition, DVB-S2, MPEG-4, CONAX (paired) SRT 4940, SRT 4935 or SRT 4935II Digital Satellite Receiver/Recorder
Standard Definition, DVB-S2, MPEG-4, CONAX (paired) SRT 4672, SRT 4672II, SRT 4675 or SRT 4675A Digital Satellite Receiver/Recorder
60cm dish (in most places) and Universal (Ku-band) LNB
Smart Card, duly authorized (not required with SRT 497S)
Installation to be carried out by an accredited Installer, through any Authorized Dealer

For your reference, the brochures for authorized My TV Digital Satellite Receivers are available as PDF downloads:

STRONG SRT 497S Download

STRONG SRT 4915 Download

STRONG SRT 4940 Download

STRONG SRT 4935 Download

STRONG SRT 4935II Download

STRONG SRT 4675 Download

STRONG SRT 4675A Download

STRONG SRT 4672 Download

*If you already have one of the above Digital Satellite Receiver models, updated with the latest software version release, and are viewing BIS1, you may be able to receive the My TV service by simply inserting an active My TV Smart and getting it paired at: